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Medi-ssage Health is the premiere medical massage center for patients in Tempe, Arizona, who are in pain or in danger of becoming dependent on prescription medication. The practice is led by Arricka Watkins, LMT, MMP, who focuses on helping her clients experience lasting relief from chronic pain without medicine or surgery.

The team at Medi-ssage Health focuses on massage as a complementary treatment that supports natural pain management while replacing high doses of prescription medication. The practice offers massage therapy protocols to treat arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia, sciatica, and other forms of chronic pain.

With various hands-on techniques, including manual lymphatic drainage, myofascial release, arthrossage, and neck and shoulder release, the team provides substantial pain relief for clients at risk of prescription medication dependency. They use a combination of osteopathic massage techniques, PostureCo® analysis, Theragun® massage therapy, and CBD Clinic™ ointments to reduce musculoskeletal pain and inflammation.

Medi-ssage Health providers are trained in techniques that allow patients to experience pain relief without the harmful side effects accompanying opioids or other pain medications. If you're dealing with an acute or chronic pain condition, set up your appointment with the team at Medi-ssage Health today by calling or booking online.

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Helping you feel better as quickly as possible, for as long as possible, in the healthiest & most affordable way possible.



To introduce, and offer medical massage as a complementary, non-pharmacological pain management option, while offsetting the potentially negative and long-term side effects associated with prescription medication dependency.


To provide the most advanced manual therapy techniques, to help our clients out of pain quickly, and bring their bodies back into balance.


To introduce a recognized non pharmacological pain management medical massage brand with clinics that offer medical massage through collaboration, partnership and referral.

Proud to serve Veterans.


A Company Who Cares

Medi-ssage Health Inc. was created in direct response to the opioid epidemic. Working complementary to your current pain management, with or with out your physicians referral we can provide you with an affordable, effective, & sustainable pain management treatment.

"America's #1 Medical Massage Clinic collaboration with providers nationwide"


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Medi-ssage Health
1845 E. Broadway Road, Suite 116-6
Tempe, AZ 85282-1685
Phone: 442-202-1212
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